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Findability Sciences combines the power Big Data and Cognitive computing through its proprietary solution, Findability Platform®. Findability platform® is a proven architecture and framework, which integrates internal structured and unstructured data (from previously siloed databases and documents repositories), along with data  from social media and data found online, to help leadership see a complete picture of its business, products, customers and employees.

A global product and consulting company, Findability Sciences, is a leading IBM Big Data Partner and IBM Watson® EcoSystem Partner. Along with Findability Platform® company offers an Automated Predictive Analytics powered by Dr. Mo Dapprdoo/Wearing, a human centric application which retailers use to engage their customers by solving their fashion related dilemmas and PoGO®, a corporate strategy solution for cross industry and People Analytics a revolutionary new way of managing employees/human resources for recruiters and HR departments.  People Analytics, Dapprdoo and PoGO® uses IBM Watson’s cognitive computing power.

Founded in 2009 in the Boston area, Findability Sciences has earned several industry awards and recognitions. Findability Sciences helps its customers experience the ‘joy of finding’  About 80% of data businesses need to leverage is found outside the firewall. Watch Anand Mahurkar, CEO & Founder of Findability Sciences’  interview at IBM OnDemand

Early 2016, Findability Sciences invested in to a Boston based software company, Soft10 Inc. Soft10 is the developer of Dr. Mo, the only automatic statistical software in the world that helps business professionals meet today’s Big Data Predictive-Analytic challenges. Self-learning technology to bring the power of predictive modeling into the hands of every company.


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