Findability Certified Professional (FCP)

An Industry Standard Certification Program For Data Scientists

In current times, when every Company and every individual is talking about AI and Data Science – fields which have no defined genesis and horizon, how can an individual be certain that he has all the skills required by the industry? That is the thought which led to the conceptualization of Findability Certified Professional (FCP) Program.

Aimed at establishing an industry standard for bench-marking Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science skills, this program comprises of an online assessment of theoretical concepts, working knowledge of latest tools and algorithms and business problem solving abilities.  The FCP Program is designed to meet customers’, partners’ and our own requirements as an AI Company, whereby we seek the best-of-the-breed professionals for data sciences and AI projects.



Interested candidates can register themselves for FCP online assessment by clicking here . Upon successful registration, candidates will receive a test link on their registered e-mail ID to complete the assessment. Successful candidates will be awarded FCP credential in the form of a digital format.


FCP is open to professionals as well as aspirants who want to make a move in the most promising industry  of the century. An uncontainable interest for data science and little bit of mathematics and statistics is all you need to be an FCP Professional.


The FCP certificate will distinguish you in the crowded job market and improve your employment prospects.

Certified candidates will be offered an opportunity to become part of a Talent Pool with +7000 Data Scientists around the globe. Candidates can receive part-time paid projects and internships from the corporates who have access to the talent pool.

Each month, names of those scoring in 99th percentile or above would be published on Findability Sciences’ official LinkedIn page

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