FS Labs

Your gateway to Data and AI competency

  Our team of experts help businesses accelerate the adoption of AI by navigating the first mile of data readiness.

  Migrate your data applications from Netezza to new generation hybrid data management systems.  



Identify databases and associated applications (custom and 3rd party), workloads and tools.

Determine 3rd party support of IIAS/Db2/Sailfish deployment or alternative application to 3rd party, including any ad-hoc processes.


FS delivers a proof of concept (POC) to validate hardware requirements, define and sign-off on exit requirements as well as the actual execution and validation of the POC.



Gather data inputs and develop an upgrade and strategy plan. 

This will include DDL, application list, usage details, and operations to build out a project plan and agreed-upon worktimes based on customer schedule and test profiles.


Prepare and move database schema objects and data, adapt ETL jobs, and set up operational needs.

Once competed, data will be loaded  with adapted tools for connected apps and target environment setup.


Integration and stress testing driven by the client and supported by FS to verify the system, including the database functionality as well as ETL and application integration.


Global 24×7 support for new Sailfish implementation or legacy Netezza implementations

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Whether it be support on independent data intensive projects, or leverage of the Findability Platform, FS Labs brings the benefit of expertise in big data, cognitive computing, and Artificial Intelligence to businesses across industries.  

FS is  a leading IBM partner. With the release of IBM Integrated Analytics System (IAS), support for Netezza, its predecessor, is coming to an end. FS Labs can make this into a seamless transformation in which you retain your existing infrastructure and gain all the benefits of this next-generation platform, including: 

  •  Expanded data warehousing 
  • Faster data science and machine learning (ML) capabilities 
  • Built-in Watson Studio and Apache Spark 
  • Cloud-ready for flexible deployment options 

 FS Labs provides data migration services that can have you up and running quickly and worry free. Our team is founded on leadership with over 20 years of experience in delivering successful migrations across a range of technologies. With certified and experienced staff that follows strict processes and methodologies, we are equipped to deliver. 

 Moving to IAS means you can fully capitalize on the advanced analytic performance and functionality that IBM has to offer. Staying in the IBM family allows you to leverage the benefit of its leadership in quickly creating, training, and deploying machine learning models. Or, you can tap into our expertise for migration to other platforms like AWS, MongoDB.

 Let FS Labs can make this into an opportunity to enhance the value of your data by making it ready for advanced data science and artificial intelligence.