FS Labs

A gateway to Big Data, Cognition, and AI competency

FS Labs guides businesses in the implementation of technology-driven solutions, providing expertise in Big Data, Cognition, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


With three layers of lab services, FS Labs gives businesses access to professional support within each layer:

Big Data

  • Data management
  • Identifying and harmonizing data
  • Creating effective applications for data
  • Executing projects


  • Developing a cognition strategy and roadmap
  • Identifying the cognitive solution that best addresses business challenges
  • Providing continuous support through the deployment of the project

Artificial Intelligence

  • Identifying a fitting AI solution
  • Assisting in the deployment of AI technology such as predictive analytics or NLP
  • Providing ongoing support in AI competency “on demand”

Whether it be support on independent data intensive projects, or leverage of the Findability Platform, FS Labs brings the benefit of expertise in big data, cognitive computing, and Artificial Intelligence to businesses across industries.