Findability Index™

Revolutionary way to measure and use influence

Findability Index™

With the Findability Index™ rating system, you can now find and engage with your most powerful influencers. Whether its a brand, event or for research, the Index tracks down users social personas, analyzes for context & sentiment, identifies influences and comes back with a score that you can use to know how social influential each of your connected users is. This system can be plugged into more systems, internal or external, to even further enrich the scoring system.

To achieve desired results, it’s all about the Contextual Data!

With Big Data Technologies like Findability Platform, analyzing large  data from any source; and then turning these into actionable data through complex algorithms makes it possible to find out who is influential in ‘your world’ of business. Achieving favorable business outcomes requires understanding of how decisions are made within an organization or team. Furthermore, there is no simple or singular measure of influence or power.  Through the use of proprietary algorithms, we compute Findability Index™, very customized to your business. You can now sort or filter your large lists of target audience not only with the amount of business they had done with you, but with the influence score. And you will find lots of hidden gems!

Watch edited part/subset of IBM Watson’s Anthony Steven’s latest webcast which showcases how Findability Sciences uses IBM Watson technology to create patterns in finding persona of individuals.