Findability Platform Usecases

How various industries are using AI

The Findability Platform is deployed across several industries to maximize the value of big data.

We deliver solutions that solve a diverse set of business problems such as predicting financial risk, forecasting pricing, optimizing engine maintenance, forecasting sales volume, and helping marketers proactively isolate and segment their customers to retain and grow business.

Our suite of conversational AI solutions takes natural language processing (NLP) and cognitive computing to the next level by making it quick and easy to engage with customers 24×7 via voice, virtual agents, or email autoresponders to most efficiently and effectively accommodate customers.

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Purchase forecast

Inventory optimization

Sales forecast




Raw material price forecast

Failure prediction

Sales volume forecast







 Commodity price forecast

Demand forecast





Traffic accident prediction

Fraud billing forecast

Disease risk prediction  







Financial product purchasing forecast

Stock price forecast

Loan risk forecast  




Visitor number forecast

Contract / Cancellation forecast

Customer Satisfaction Forecast / NPS Forecast








Detailed Usecase Example: Forecast sales volume by product 

Customer issues
  • Excessive shortage of inventory regularly occur, loss of sales opportunity
  • Make predictions in-house, but prediction accuracy is low and man-hour
  • Production plan of human experience and trust
Main usage data
  • Product information
  • Sales data
  • Discount information
  • Customer data
  • Order results data
Findability Platform® 
introduction effect
  • Data analysis and high forecast accuracy based on past results 
  • have made it possible to clarify the number of required stock / number of production for each store and to make a better sales plan. 
  • Improvements in forecasting accuracy have 
  • led to significant improvements in the number of man-hours involved in forecasting work .